NCFA Guest Post | September 13, 2017


How to Get Your Message Out There

Sometimes when you or someone you love is going through a difficult time, it can be a frustrating time you and the rest of the family. Support isn’t always easy to find, so you may think that you are all alone.  If you have been in this position and you want to try and help others, there are many ways you can get your message out there to the people who need your help and support.



Blogging is something that has continued to grow for some years. People from all over the world are recording events in their lives for others to follow and interact with. The good thing about blogging is you can write about anything you want, so if you have a problem that you think others will also want to hear about, then this is the ideal choice.  The other good thing about blogging is that it doesn’t need to cost anything. You can start your own blog for free and distribute it on social media or in help forums.



If you think that your story will help others, then why not write it doadobe-spark-make-your-own-ebook-cover-freewn and share it with the world by writing an eBook? Writing a book and getting it published isn’t as difficult as it used to be in the past. You can now do the whole thing electronically, and people can download it on their book readers.  You will need to create a book cover using software such as Adobe Spark, and then you can upload it to one of the self-publishing sites. Usually, they will take a small percentage of the price, and the rest goes to you.



Another good way to try and help others is by going on forums that cover the issues you are concerned with. There are forums on so many subjects ranging from mental health to stroke survivors, and everything in between.  The good part is that all the people on the forum will know or understand what the issues are, and having another point of view or share of knowledge can be beneficial to all parties.



There are many charities out there, and they all need help, not only to raise funds but also to raise awareness. Find a charity that deals with the issues you have and ask them if you can become involved in raising awareness and promoting the charity.  In many cases, they will be welcome of the help, and they often have numerous ways you can become involved. It might be writing articles for their web site, or helping out at fundraising events. Some charities even have help lines that you can devote some time listening to others who need support.  If you have a message that you think people should hear, don’t keep it to yourself. By sharing your experiences with others, you can dramatically help other people’s lives who think that they are all alone. Any of these ideas can help to spread awareness and hopefully lead to more help and support in the future.


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